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experience-and-capabilitiesExperience and Capabilities

Metro West has held continuously the exclusive franchise contract for emergency ambulance service in Washington County since 1997. The Washington County Emergency Medical Services [EMS] system is a performance-based EMS system that consists of an exclusive ambulance transportation franchise, seven fire department first response agencies, air medical scene support, four primary receiving hospitals and two level-1 trauma centers, and an advanced 911-E dispatch center [PSAP]. Regulatory oversight and direction for this system comes from Washington County and the State of Oregon.

Together with our sister companies, we provide more than 65,000 transports annually. Responses to medical emergencies have the potential of involving any combination of highly trained volunteers, dispatchers, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, emergency medical technicians [EMTs], paramedics, and emergency nurses and physicians, all working in conjunction with hospital emergency departments and tertiary specialty care receiving facilities.

Oregon law requires counties to develop a plan relating to the need for the coordination of ambulance services and to establish ambulance service areas. In accordance with this requirement, and through careful consideration of competitive proposals, Metro West Ambulance [MWA] was granted the Ambulance Service Area [ASA] and exclusive authority to operate by contractual agreement. This contract has been renewed through several cycles.